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All You Need to Know to Create a Successful Website

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What Will You Learn?

My guides cover the most important aspects of planning, building, maintaining, and promoting a website:

Do I Need to Code?

No, coding is not necessary anymore to build a website although some knowledge helps. My guides offer solutions for all technical levels, and you don't need to use HTML or CSS. I present website builders where you can create a website from scratch using graphical drag-and-drop interfaces.

What Does It Cost to Build a Website?

Building a website is possible with a small budget. As with everything, the more you invest, the better the results.

How Long Does It Take to Build a Website?

I have guides for you whether you want to quickly set up a website or make a long-term investment by treating your website as a business asset.

How Is This Website Different from Other Web Hosting Reviews?

I do not recommend services I don't believe in. All evaluations on this website are sourced exclusively from communities on Reddit and Facebook as well as my own observations so that you can confidently build on the experiences of others.

How Does This Website Make Money?

My guides are free. This website earns money through recommendations. This is my side project, I work as a team lead and web developer in Berlin most of the time.

Who Runs This Website?

My name is Laurent Delleré, a Berlin/Germany resident with a degree in media and computing. Over the past two decades, my work has revolved around constructing websites for businesses and organizations. My roles include leading teams, project management, SEO consulting, designing, and coding. I research and write all the guides myself.

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